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Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Snow Beatdown Ride

I waited until the warmth of the day and headed out on the much loved fat bike. The temps in the midwest have been absolutely awful. Highs in the mid-teens to low twenties with windchills going sub-zero. You honestly can't wear enough. Thanks to my bar mitts and wool goodies I stayed warm today and am anxiously awaiting my lake boots. We had temps in the low twenties today with the windchill around 10 and blowing winds from the east. I headed to Bull Valley to take some shelter in the woods and hide from the wind. The roads were snow covered and an absolute blast to have the fat bike on. I got SOOO many weird looks from passing motorists heading to the bar to watch the pigskin game....that look will never get old. I enjoyed 2 hours of riding and 25 miles about....I was cranking it up pretty good and beat myself up with less than 8 psi in the tires. Felt good to get out.

Also....the fixed gear is ready to roll for the spring, I am so so so excited to train on this bike. I overhauled my king bottom bracket and the drivetrain is buttery smooth. Can't wait. Also, I ordered a fancy rapha jersey to match my training partner Ari. 

Embrace the cold. 

- JB

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