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Monday, April 12, 2010

Roubaix Day


DeKalb will never escape me

painful headwinds

Stiff salty helmet

Went out on Sunday with the goal of 80 to 100 miles in mind. Had to ride the steel beast 26 lb Salsa Casseroll which I love and rides great....but is heavy. So headed to Chatham them to Auburn then to Virdern and Girard, back to Loami and New Berlin to Chatham and back home. The legs were sore after dragging the Casseroll around for 90 miles. I saw a spray painted silo that had a nickname of mine J-Biz on it, DeKalb corn grain truck, and got chased by many country dogs. I was very close to running out of water around mile 70 and had to stop in the tiny town of New Berlin to fuel back up. Good ride and got to explore some new roads. Riding by yourself can be pretty boring sometimes but good to zone out and let some stress out on the bicycle. Came home and was amazed to see Cancellara take back to back wins at flanders and PR, that dude is an absolute monster!!!

- J

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