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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day Off

Mah tax $ keepin the streetz kleen

Spring in Spring-field

_____(insert foul language here) Easton

Had a beautiful 40 mile jaunt today with the ever-so-wonderful-amazing-steel salsa casseroll out to Chatham and back then made some delicious brunch with my lady. Last night was another 40 miles for the day. Started the 20 mile "slow" ride with some guy honking at us and telling one of the riders how we were A-holes and his tax money paid for the roads for him to drive on....pretty sure we pay taxes too for the same reason. The ride continued to get faster and faster in the wind and ended in a sprint going 37 mph...once we started cranking I hear a ting, ting, ting, ting. Sure enough my favorite wheelset (EA90 SL) fresh from warranty failed me once again with a broken spoke. Now, I have only heard good things about Easton wheels and don't like to rant about things but I will never buy anything from Easton ever again. The warranty took nearly a month to get my wheel and soon after the spoke breaks. These aren't normal spokes either so you have to order them from Easton. I will be building a hand built wheelset including Chris King hubs, sapim or DT spokes, brass nipples, and Mavic rims. Done with the whole pre-built deal and only riding stuff that I can rely on from now on. The weather has been 70-80 degrees in springfield and has felt amazing. Put your trainers away, get out on your bikes, and pedal your hearts out.

- J


  1. Pro Mechanics should ride wheels they build themselves out of the best components available.
    Chris King Hubs
    Dt. Swiss hubs Double Butted 14-15-14
    3 cross
    Brass nipples
    Velox Rims Strips
    Salsa Skewers
    GP 4000 tires
    Quality Tubes

    That's the recipe my dear friend
    make it nice,

  2. correction
    Dt swiss spokes not hubs, though those are good too!!

  3. thanks buddy, will start ordering some stuff this week!