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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Home build set up

Handy nipple driver tool

The money shot

Billabong would be proud

Starting the rear wheel



Was up until 2 a.m. last night finishing off the new Chris King wheelset. Decided on DT RR465 rims, sapim double buttes spokes and brass nipples, salsa skewers, velox rim tape, and the new GP4000 tires. This combination is unreal! Even though these wheels are slightly heavier than the plagued Easton's, I feel much more confident in sprinting on these wheels and taking them anywhere on the roads. Of course I had to put on the Chris King cycling cap to build the wheels. Had to use the American Classic conversion cassette to convert from a Shimano free hub body to a Campagnolo spaced cassette. When I got on the road this morning to commute to work, my jaw dropped. These wheels were so stiff, responsive, and smooth. I don't know how you can combine all of those things into one wheelset but this really is a great combination. The bearings on the hubs roll like butter, and the engagements on the hub really respond no matter where you are in your pedal stroke. The tires are extremely grippy but roll soooo nice, I can't explain how happy I am with these wheels and I only have twenty miles on them....not to mention that they look awesome with the pink and orange and white on the bike. As my good friend and wheel building mentor Ari would say... "Make it nice!!!!!"

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  1. In my opinion you have the best wheelset out there. I cannot think of a better combination of high quality, reliable components. Good job. Post a picture of the bike so we can see it.