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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[King, Chris]

Rear Side View

Rear hubbie

Pretty and Strong, save the boobies


The Easton demolishers have arrived. New Chris King R45 hubs, in pink....donations go towards breast cancer research. Will be building these wheels in the next couple of days, DT RR465 rims, Sapim double butted spokes, brass nipples, salsa skewers, velox rim combo on the market! Also, got a green NoThreadset for the Salsa Mariachi to complete it, well maybe only need a White Industries Eno Dos 16/18 to finish that bike up. More wheel pics to come.

- JB

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  1. my boy is becoming a man! good job on building up some fantastic wheels. I will be focusing on road riding when we get back from Iowa and stop bleeding from the race.