Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Three of my favorite things....booze, bikes, btents

Went camping this weekend with my girlfriend and her family at Lake Sangchris, commuted to work 5 days this week (two were to the campsite). Friday night a strong tailwind carried me to the campground at a quick pace with speeds averaging over 20 mph. Winds raged through the night and the temperature dropped to 40 degrees that night. Went back and fourth whether or not to ride in to work with the 25 mph headwind for 18 miles from the campsite. Finally decided it would be some good training and went for it. About 4 miles into the ride I was asking myself why?...Why would I put myself through this agony of riding into such a hard wind in near freezing temperatures with the wind, getting rained on at times, when I was offered a ride. Well I love to be on my bike and made it to work in about an hour and twenty minutes. After work rode back to the campground and the hard work I had put in during the morning hours paid off and again I sailed back to the campsite. Another freezing cold night, with great food, cold beers, and better company....rode about 30 miles on Sunday afternoon with clear sunny skies to end the week with 200 miles. Feel satisfied with that, remember bike to work week coming up, if you aren't a commuter you should seriously consider it.

- JB


  1. you may want to look into a "fixed speed" if wind continues to present a challenge

  2. The fixed speed looks amazing! and what a bargain! Thanks Rich, come ride with me in sprungfeld

  3. I am proud of all you postings. I see that your shop is starting to sell some Salsas. I thought they were a non-ferrous shop???? I built a brand new Cannondale CAAD 9 with 9speed dura ace STi and a Force bb30 bottom bracket. It is 18lbs in my size. Hellmut and I are planning a leg breaker out in Savannah,IL. area.
    take care, Ari

  4. nice Ari, saw the bike...looks pretty awesome, hope you guys can come down and ride in
    Springfield with me sometime this summer. I brought some traditional-ways down to Wheel Fast and have been pushing the ferrous pretty hard.