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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Riding


Pain Face of mile 90 headwind

Hairy legs

Bike Path'n

The illusive "creeper" snake (actually I have no idea what kind of snake it is but it was huge....thats what she said?)

The BMC posing with Abe

New Salem

Vitamin water fuel up

Petersburg, IL

The hills surrounding Petersburg

Met up with John Halterman, aka John Assaulterman, aka the Haltermaniac around 6:30 a.m. on the bike path. We then made our way to the west side of town with our BMCs and took farmingdale road out of town. We proceeded to ride to Salisbury where John turned around at 30 miles in. I kept riding into the hills and eventually made it to the historic Lincoln New Salem site and into downtown Petersburg. I grabbed a green tea vitamin water and headed back the same way I had came in. Took the bike path to Chatham and grabbed some more food and drink at the bike shop. Road out of Chatham and did the 20 mile loop we normally ride for the Wednesday night road ride. Around mile 90 my legs severely started to cramp as the temperature was in the 85 to 90 degree range with the sun pounding down on me. Longer rides definitely call for lots of electrolytes. Came back around the lake and squeezed the last five miles in to get home. Total of 105 miles for the day in about 5 hours 30 minutes of ride time (15 minutes stop time). Good to have the haltermaniac along for some company this morning, saw a huge snake, road some nice hills, and good to get out on a longer ride without the constant rain we have been having. My goal is to start pushing the distance longer and longer. Next I want to ride 120 to 125 miles and keep putting in the heavy mileage. Get out and get riding! Have a good memorial day weekend.

- JB

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