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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Full dis-assembly

Finished product

Eccentric overhaul

Best setup known to man

Sotto Vocce King

Green accents all over

Finally got the El Mariachi in the shop to do some spring cleaning. I took the whole bike apart and sprayed some frame saver in every tube and allowed to dry for several hours. Then I cleaned and greased every nut and bolt on the bike. The most interesting part was taking the eccentric BB out and seeing how it worked and overhauling it. It is fairly simple but very complex at the same time, I cleaned it out and regreased every joint and thread on it. I also installed my new Chris King headset. The bike is an amazing ride with the Titec H-Bar and Ergon grip setup...which is by far the best thing I have ever ridden. I hope to do some longer (over 50 mile) gravel rides on this bike with a 2:1 gear and also get some mountain biking in this year with a 32:18 ratio, and to complete the bike with the White Industries Eno Dos freewheel. For those of us who live on the flatlands...don't forget about those mountain bikes, they need love too!

- JB

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