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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Problem Solving

Broken Simplex

Problem solved

T.E.T lug

Old specialites cranks

Drilled Mafac levers

Mouth watering Mafac Canti's

Super Champs

These hubs gave me a Phil Woody

We had an awesome bike come in to the shop the other day. This was a beautifully lugged T.E.T frame built in the 70's. The bike was well equipped with phil wood hubs built on some super champion rims. Mafac brakes and levers, Dura-Ace headset, 3T stem, old school french cranks, and a broken simplex front derailleur. The problem being that there was a cable stop on the frame with housing running directly to the front derailleur. With newer front derailleurs there is normally no cable stop and the exposed cable runs from the stop on the down tube to a guide under the bottom bracket then directly to the front derailleur. We had to come up with a solution to combine new and old technology. The innovators at Problem Solvers make a cable housing stop that clamps to the seat tube so that you can run a short piece of housing and still have the cable come out where it needs to be.

- JB

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