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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Dingle Single Track

Sweating my balls off

rest stop



Smartcar wind up that made me laugh

Took a trip to Missour-ahh this weekend for camping and mountain biking. Ended up at the Berryman trail in Mark Twain National Forest. There seems to be tons of singletrack at this particular location. There is for sure a 24 mile loop of single track and looked to be about 40 to 50 miles of singletrack connecting different camp grounds. This trail was rated the best single track between the East and West Coasts in 1998. Granted this is a little out dated these trails were pretty cool. Lots of hills, climbs, downhills, and switch backs. There was gravel, roots, sand, had it all. The girlfriend and I only did about 10 miles of riding because of the windless conditions and 90+ temperatures. We were soaked in sweat and took a water gallon shower outside of Megan's car before the drive home. I want to come back here and camp and explore the full loop of trails and be a little better prepared for the trails. My hands were so sweaty during the ride I could hardly hold on to the Ergon grips during the down hill sections. I need to bring some gloves and definitely bring some bug spray. We pulled many ticks off of our bodies throughout the ride and on the ride home. Needless to say, it felt awesome to get out on the single speed and do some mountain riding, hope this is only the first of many mountain bike rides this year.

- JB

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