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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sweating my _______ off

New fav wagon ford road, crushed up gravel

Shadiest bridge in illinois

Cars actually drive over this

Today was one of the days where you get on the bike and wonder is it worth it? Is it worth sweating this much, barely being able to breath the air is so humid, worth getting horribly dehydrated your body is losing so many electorlytes? Was over 90 degrees and humid today, made it out in between storms and went for a quick 35 miles, took wagon ford road which is awesome and has some scary cool bridge with a couple nice climbs. The road sounded like I was riding on bubble wrap because the oil on the road was bubbling up it was so hot. Water alone does not help on these rides ad you need serious electrolytes even on a short ride like this one. When it is as hot as it is today, be safe and drink at least two bottles an hour while riding. Stay smart and stay safe on the roads.

- JB

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