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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Frostbike 2011

One on One....keg beer?

Walkin in to QBP

Look forward to the scratch and dent, and seeing my buddy Joel

The men drinking whiskey with the Surly guys...RIP hellmut

Frostbike is a great time. Quality Bicycle Products puts on this show to display the new products for 2011, lots of informative seminars going on, lots of food samples that usually last me until june or july before I have to buy more, lots of bike stuff...information overload, scratch and dent sale where I have gotten 2 of my frames and 1 bike in the past, pizza luce!, whiskey, hot tubs...this is a highlight to the early season. It is going to take me off of the bike for a couple days, which is probably good since last wednesday till today I have ridden 260 miles. I look forward to spending some quality time with my good friends from NCC and having a great weekend!

- JB


  1. 260 miles! Dang. Have a good time in the hot tub with a bunch of dudes.

  2. thanks shannon...i love dudes and hot tubs...WHAT?!