Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Monday, February 7, 2011


The original ...some other great pics on here

Coppi once said of Bobet. “He knows like nobody else how to suffer and his powers of recovery are unmatched. The bike means everything to him. It is truly his life blood and his application to his chosen way of life is an example to every aspiring champion.”

The ever amazing artwork by Jeff Williams....(now a Team Wheel Fast rider)

I really think this is not this persons last name....however, beerme 6: screams a DUI, very innappropriate for a blue chrysler minivan, sums up the local yokel


  1. That painting is fantastic. Looks much better on here than on your cell phone. Reminds me of some 70's pop art. That license plate was a great find too.

  2. Speaking of Coppi here is the jersey I am getting and will probably be my T.I. Kit.

  3. that jersey is FANTASTIC...great find, i only wish they had a large in stock...I will probably be riding the rapha club sportwool jersey,rapha LS sportwool jersey, some sort of vest, craft baselayer and maybe lightweight shell if it is that cold