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Monday, February 14, 2011

Week in Review

Despite windchills -15 below zero for the beginning of the week, lots of snow and ice...I was still able to get in some solid riding this past week. Mostly've already seen some of my riding troubles from earlier in the week. Thursday was able to hit 30 miles for the day heading down Curran road to get home through the country. Friday pushed on to get 40 miles with some riding after work. Saturday commuted again and met up with Steven "Gravemaker" Graves for some miles after work. Steve and I have known each other for a while now but this was the first time we had ever ridden together. Had a strong wind out of the south, did the 20 mile wednesday night ride and then hooked up to auburn and hit the brick/cobble road that led us to curran and on into springfield. Talked about what I usually end up talking about with my buddies while riding, the 3 B's....booze, babes, and bikes. It was great to have some company on the ride and we enjoyed warmer temps with a beautiful sunset to look at. About 5 miles from home I had a flat and my hands did not warm up after that. The CO2 did not work so well and I limped home with about 15 psi in my rear tire. Will be investing in a hand pump soon. Regardless, got 50 miles on Saturday. Sunday met up with the racers and brought out the BMC since I felt I had been neglecting it lately. Almost all of my miles have been on my SS29', met at Gary's house, had a very strong group of riders. Headed south to auburn and then virden, back through Loami and home. Did a metric for the day and the legs felt great and I was surprisingly able to hang with the racers...guess all the early training has been paying off. Ended up with 250 miles for the week, 20 hours, feel very good about that. I will be riding this week until I meet up with the North Central Crew to head up to frostbike, Hope to have close to 1000 miles for the year before we leave for Minnesota. Get out and ride ya'll!

- JB

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