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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Stuff

Campy baby!

Todd's Custom Moots RSL with bead blasted King cages to match the frame....sweeeeeeeet

Its the little things you know?

55 mile ride on Monday took 4.5 hours on the beast

This is a vintage, complete, campagnolo tool kit.....AMAZED

The riding for January is complete and regardless of taking a week off for vacation, I was able to hammer out 500 miles on the dot. I met my goal and have been commuting nearly every day, 25-35 miles and getting some riding in on the weekends. Goal for Feb is 800-1000 miles.

The shop is still cranking and we are seeing some amazing bikes come through here, and some really cool stuff like this vintage campagnolo tool kit that my boss is trying to buy from a customer....saw one on ebay in france selling for 4500 dollars....damn!

Weather has been unseasonably warm and I hope it stays warm to keep hammering some miles. I feel like riding the pugsley this last month has really burned up the legs and has been good for training. I hope to hop on the fixed gear and cross bike soon to get some longer rides going.

Keep at it!

- JB

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