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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SFCA Tool Line

So custom. The new Slender Fungus line of bicycle tools. Now available in Deer Hunter Orange. Thanks Mike!

Find more Bike Ride in Woodstock, IL

The group ride I went on today along with my 13 mile commute from woodstock this morning. First, "fast" group ride of the year and was fast! There are some very talented riders up here fooooo shoooooooooooo. Had chinese food for dinner, now I'm drinking a Grainbelt provided from my buddy blackbelt bonk king baggio. Cheers!

- Cookie


  1. In regards to the lever: What????

  2. My friend Mike Naughton teaches shop at Cary High School, he has a lot of cool machines and was bored and made me one of these. Its one of a kind and might break the first time its used, but it looks cool!