Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Training Ride

The bonk king taking a rest and eating some salt

The Gunnar very close to its TI setup, adding waterbottle cages of course. Going with King Cages instead of the salsa cages

awesome trail

great day for a ride

Headed up to genoa city and  the Wisconsin border

Bobo cruisin the gravel

The bonk king

Went out for a great training ride today. Hit some massive hills in Bull Valley and then loaded all my weight into the frame and seatbags to get an idea of how the bike is going to handle all loaded up. It felt great. The legs were feeling good and Ron, Bonk, and Bob headed up to the WI border on the prarie path and got some miles in. I ended the day with 75 miles and the legs are feeling strong. We just need the weather to hold of out for next weekend and give it hell. Bring it on baby! Full TI post coming in the next day or so. In the meantime the next two days will be spent riding lightly, wednesday is a celebratory day for me and another year of my life, and Thursday will either take the day off or ride lightly. Pack up thursday night and leave early thursday morning with TJ and hopefully Gumby for the gravel roads of Iowa. 

- JB


  1. Bring the Mariachi cause it is going to be a mudfest.

  2. chill chill chill out, its going to be bone dry

  3. Rain or shine, tear it up you two!! I'll be listening to TI Radio:)

    Paul A. (Fruit Loop)

  4. @ Paul A. you are missed.

  5. Give'm hell boys! I expect to hear your names on TI Radio and see your names in the results......with times not DNF. Tame the BEAST!!

    My best Bald Eagle