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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Blackbelt Mike and Autism Awareness day....45 miles with him, then 40 after with the racers last weekend.

Gasping for air on a saturday with some mexican food....I can't believe how busy we are

Some fancy cars outside of my apartment

Tour of Flanders get together at the boss' house

New bike for me...

Awesome Gunnar I built with the new Shimano CX70

All is well with me....very very busy at the shop and with training. My goals have been nearly reached for the past three months:

Jan Goal: 500 miles Actual miles: 500

Feb Goal: 800 miles Actual miles: 730

March Goal: 1000 miles Actual miles: 990

Feel good about my mileage and training for trans iowa this year. Have been riding nearly every day as my car has not been working and I am going to sell it and go carless for a while. Took a very light week on the bike this week to let the legs regroup and feel normal again. Next two weeks will be hammering and then another easy week before the big show. Also, bought myself a new bikey...the all-city mr. pink. This bike is awesome and affordable. I had all the parts just needed to get a frame. Its going to be a mix of campy, shimano, and sram and have downtube shifters on it with a sram red bb30 crank....what a freak bike!!! Ill post pictures when its all done, I heard the thing rides awesome. Making final preparations and thoughts for trans iowa. Got all new brake pads, tires, chain, cassette, bar tape, and pedals for the gunnar along with a full overhaul the bike should be flawless. Will be training on the hills in the next two weeks and torturing the legs to prepare, maybe a 150 mile ride fully loaded with gear and some night rides are in order to test the equipment a couple more times. Hope everyone is riding their bikes and smiling. Enjoy this weekend, and happy easter to everyone!

- JB

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