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Monday, April 23, 2012

A word of encouragement

 While speaking of the weather this weekend in Iowa

A wise man once said......

"The wind will caress us like our first lover's embrace.  The roads will be Goldilocks just right...ain't that a stinking bitch.  The gravel will sing to us like a choir of angels as our tires spin along clean smooth lines.  The farm doggies will smile and fall back asleep as we pass by.  Our bikes will perform flawlessly.  The road food will taste like a 10-course gourmet meal at Delmonico's in New Orleans.  Our bodies and minds will never tire.  There will be no inner demons, no cramps, no knee pain, no fear, no loathing, no doubts. We will not lose our way."

Thank you Dr. Giggles, it will be a true honor to ride with you this weekend....its been to long my friend. 

S L E N D E R   F U N G U S       gettin under yer skin

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