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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Randy's Milwaukee Shimano Hydro- DI2

So....If you know me, by no means am I the most up to date carbon-loving bicycle mechanic. But...BUT, Randy from Shimano stopped by and brought in the new DI2 hydraullic road stuff and it is AMAZING. This stuff is as easy to bleed as shimano's mountain stuff and has an amazing feel to it. More and more I am leaning to one or two component companies and away from a third. The frame is also an amazing piece of work from Milwaukee Cycle which Waterford builds the frame. This particular frame David Wages from Ellis Cycles took the frame and cut all of the cable stops on and brazed on some DI2 ports. The frame and bike set up is awesome and I was thoroughly impressed. Enough said. 

- JB


  1. Wow! that bike is amazing. I am so Ghetto.

  2. freaking awesome right? Don't worry buddy I'm ghetto too