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Monday, January 13, 2014

Warmer Weekend Miles

Was able to get some good miles in this weekend with our "warmer" temps in the low to mid 30's. Saturday was an icy morning but decided to commute to work and back and logged 25 miles for the day before and after work. 

Sunday, Black Belt Mike met me in Woodstock and we were able to get a nice ride in back down to Huntley to drop him off and I kept riding. The wind was 20-30 mph out of the south and really brutal. I was able to try out the Gunnar fixie set up for the first time and liked it quite a bit. There will be some adaptation before trans iowa but its good to start getting the bike dialed in. Was able to log 53 miles for the day and then received an awesome dinner and cookies from Mrs. Black Belt Mike, Sandy. She is an awesome cook and all of the food is devoured. Thanks Sandy!

Monday morning I got an unexpected text from Mr. David Swanson that he was off work and wanted to ride so we met out on the road and cruised to Lake Geneva. I flipped when we got up there and was glad to have some company and chat with him after the holidays. We had a slight tailwind and I cruised back with a mild head wind. The temps warmed up to the low 40s and I took the long way home to log another 52 miles.

Good to finally get some long miles in after a brutal start to January. Still on track for the month!

- JB

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