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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Hike

Was not feeling like biking today so I went to Glacial Park in McHenry, IL to hike for a couple hours. The park is really neat and has some big bluffs on the west side of the park. The wind was really bad blowing 35 mph gusts, but other than that the day was fairly warm. I ended up finding the "Hippie Tree" which is the last photo in the bunch. A bunch of people go and smoke dope there and put all sorts of prayer flags, clothes, and goodies in the tree. It was kind of neat to see after hearing about it for the past two years but never have discovered it. The scenery was great and I got in a good hike for a few hours in some deep snow. Will get in a ride tomorrow and commute in the bitter cold this week. Gotta stay moving and stay motivated...

- JB

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