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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cold and Windy Sunday Gravel Ride

Great pic of Llama, Ari, and La Kruz climbing some gravel

Jakey standing on a tree that was wedged under a bridge in Potowami Woods

Bike is feeling dialed

El Jefe

Llama rolling along

The group heading back to DeKalb

Ari found an arrow...don't mess with him

Potowami Woods

Ari sprained his ankel on this patch of ice


My drive home

Blue Demon riding with me out to meet Ari, ass crack early after a night of "training" and little sleep

Met up with some great/old friends on Saturday night for some beers and stayed at the double wide with my boys. Derek and I got up early and made some breakfast and tried to work off a nasty hangover. We met Ari on the great western trail (part of which was rideable) and Derek kept on rolling to work (he got a 100+ mile commute, awesome!). Ari and I chatted and met up with Jakey and the Llama in Sycamore and kept heading north into the horrible and chilling headwind. We refueled and warmed up in Kirkland, IL where after taking off my soaking wet gloves I could not get my hands warm enough again. Chad and Ari hooked me up with extra/dry gloves and my hands returned to normal. Thanks for the glove love gentlemen! We hit Potowami woods and Ari slipped on some ice and couldn't unclip his left foot where he rolled an ankle and was in a lot of pain after that....get healthy! 5 weeks to go! We hit some gravel after that and I ended the day with 72 miles and a total of 272 for the week. The legs and bike are feeling great....just need to maintain. We then met up with Ari's extended family and consumed a delicious Chinese buffet. Great day, great friends, just what the doctor ordered (except the rolled ankle). 

- JB

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