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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Frosty Sunday

The temp said 7 degrees when I left and I'm sure with the 20mph headwind the temps were well below zero. March has arrived and we are all desperate for miles. David Swanson put in a courageous 80 mile day with several stops in between to warm up....great ride. I have been riding the pugsley without shifting just as I did last year to prepare for the long single speed ride coming up. The hills of bull valley really zap your legs....but after four consistent 20-30 mile rides back there this legs still have energy left in them. Distance is a must....but if you can't get the distance in...then just stay with consistency, this is the big key for endurance training, in my opinion at least. Will be out tomorrow with the blue demon, get ahold of me if you want to join for a ride in the morning. 

- JB

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