Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Monday, March 31, 2014

Woodstock-Kettle Moraine-Woodstock

Dressed just right for the tailwind up to kettle

Hitting some gravel near Harvard

 Getting snubbed amongst the rich

Riding on South Shore around Lake Delavan

north, north, north....keep heading north

Rest stop to shed layers

Delicious lunch at the LaGrange general store at our target destination. Talked with Andy who manages the Backyard Bike shop up at Kettle. Had a great turkey sandwich, delicious Apple Ale by New Glarus and a lemon sanpellegrino. Fuelin' up!

Mid ride fuel

Getting ready to get back at it and brave the 20mph headwind that was so kind to us on the way up. 

The bike is dialed in for Trans Iowa

Heading to Whitewater Lake State Park

Beer Belly

The park was beautiful

My recovery drink when I got home, a tribute to getting to see my two friends from New York in almost 3 weeks!

David and I met up on the road and had a goal of riding up to Kettle Moraine on Sunday. The wind was out of the south and we knew we would have a nasty headwind on the way home but we went for it. David had a 90 mile day on Saturday and I did a 65 mile day so we were thankful for the tailwind to get the legs spinning at the start. We kept heading north and enjoyed the warming temps and beautiful day. Everything was enjoyable about this ride. We made it up to Kettle and had lunch and beers and headed over to Whitewater Lake State Park which we had never been to. It was beautiful over there and we got in some good climbing for the day. The headwind was nasty at points on the way home but I didn't even care because it was warm out. Had a great ride on a beautiful day. David had a massive week with 450 miles and I did about 260. Will be 55 miles short of my 1000 mile goal for March but I am happy with my effort. We will be ready for Trans Iowa. Spring is here! Finally!!!

- JB


  1. Way to go Jay. Looking strong for Trans Iowa...Must have just missed you at La Grange. Went up for a good cycle Sunday as well. Even had the same turkey sandwich, but took the new glarus home with me.
    Mark G.