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Thursday, September 9, 2010


$5K in components.... yea.....

Shifting setup

Shift on the brake levers....

...or in the aerobars

Clean setup under the Easton bars

Matt drilling into $5500 of carbon

The future home of the battery

Clean exit for the rear derailleur cable

A customer of Wheel Fast, Dan Dungan, came in with his new Cervelo P4 and wanted Shimano Dura-Ace Di2. We said hell yes...ordered it...thought about it a lot...drilled it...installed it...made it look like darth vader...and sent him on his way. This was by far the most challenging project I have seen in a long time. Matt did a great job installing and drilling everything and I tried to take a break from working on Magnas to help here and there...pretty cool stuff. Get some Di2!!!

- JB

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  1. Hey Guys awesome stuff! How did you create a passage through the chainstay for the rear deraileur cable? Why not use the hole there already? From what I hear this is one of the toughest steps in the process.