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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Night Riding

The new DiNotte

25 mile night it

Good gloves, handlebar mounted light

Wool socks

The sun has been setting earlier and earlier and commuting home is no longer in the daylight. Even if I want to go for a ride after work it is a must to have lights on and be visible to the cars as well as have a strong light to see the trail. Here are a few things that you need to have for night riding (things you may or may not know). A good jacket is a must for night riding and keeping your lungs warm. Dress in layers and bring extra layers in case the temperature drops on you while you are out on the road. Wool is the magic material. Wool socks, jerseys, gloves, and hats are essential for night/winter riding. It is a wonderful fabric that keeps you warm and dry. A dual light system is mounted on the handlebars to constantly be pointed in the direction in the bike, and one that is helmet mounted so you can scan your surroundings. 200 lumens is recommended at least, check out light and motion, nightrider, and dinotte for lights. A tail light is also needed. I like the planet bike super flash and anything that knog makes. Keeping the ears covered with a warm cap or balaclava in the winter will allow your head to stay warm and keep you riding the long miles. Sunglasses with interchangeable clear lens are great so you can keep the wind and bugs out of your eyes...vented lens are preffered so no fogging occurs. When the temperature drops it is a must to keep the feet warm....toe covers, shoe covers, winter riding shoes (lake) are great. These are a few basics for starting the night cross riding, there are definitely more things to consider with winter riding but that will come later....for now, gear up and hit the trail in the dark!

- JB

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  1. Don't forget the tube sock down the front... you know, to keep things warm.