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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The crack.......

The BMC....cracked out of its mind


Secret T.I. V7 machine

Noticed a hairline crack in the aluminum BMC the other day. The crack is on the very top front end of the seat tube where the seatpost is inserted. There are two bolts on the backside to clamp the seatpost down. I have maybe tightened these bolts twice since having the bike for almost two years now. The guy at BMC said he has seen a few SL01's do this and they might replace the frame with a newer version....fingers crossed. I might expect this from carbon fiber....but not aluminum. I hate seeing this bike damaged because it is sooooo comfortable and rides so nice.

- JB


  1. The crack is whack. Freakin' Swiss need to make it good. Where's the bow rack for T.I. V7 sled?

  2. That blows. Maybe you too strong for that bike.