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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The crack replacement

Some pics of the new BMC, 2009 SLo1, special thanks goes out to BMC for sending me the frame two weeks after they made me saw the original one in half. The first ride last night was a bit different having some component issues and chain issues, but this bike is noticably stiffer than the 2007 and felt like pure power transfer....probably try and do 80-100 miles on it tomorrow during the day off.

- JB


  1. Looking good, Jay. Pink tape and all (...I think). Truly a sharp rig. How does the seat post/mast stay put? Does it have anything to do with the "AngleLock," or is that just for the seat, itself?


  2. Thanks Nathan! The angle lock indeed locks the seatpost in. It is made to look like an integrated seatpost but its actually a regular seatpost. The angle lock only takes about a quarter turn and you go from being able to move the seatpost up and down to having it securely locked its a pretty neat setup.

  3. Wow, that thing is sweet. Love the green and pink.

  4. I didn't notice this yesterday...What kind of seat...woops..."saddle" do you have? Something a bit more traditional, it appears. Nostalgic. Brooks something or another?


  5. Nathan -

    Brooks Swallow, Brooks saddles are leather saddles that you have to wear in and they form to your butt, pretty awesome should buy one... from Wheel Fast... haha