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Friday, October 8, 2010

Day Off Ride

New Salem

Me and the JCud

Chris King BB, headset, hubs, socks


Petersburg is where vending machines go to die


The Salsa out grazing

Salt sweat bib back

The JCud and I went out on probably the nicest fall day this year, we headed to New Salem, Petersburg, and Athens along my favorite hilly route. The ride is about 65 miles and there are numerous hills. The route is out in the country and is very peaceful and few cars are encountered. We had a good ride and it was good to get out on the Casseroll and feel the legs grind the 25 lb monster up some hills. The best part of the ride was Justin eating a powergel and saying "I hate how this stuff tastes, I try and put it in the back of my throat and just swallow so I don't have to taste it"....followed by my obvious response..."thats what she said". Excellent. Good weather, good riding, good times. 150 miles this week so far, hope to tack on at least another 100 or so before the week is up. Enjoy the last bit of warmth before the mutant riding starts.

- JB

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