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Monday, October 25, 2010


Iron's beautiful Ti

OG baby

Joel's beautiful IF Ti crown jewel

The most interesting man in the world, Ari

The CAAD9'er


Ventured to the land of DeKalb for the weekend, 20 miles with Tobie, Joel, Iron, Russ, Erico on saturday, started dry...ended up soaked to the bone. Tobie and I pressed on to finish the ride alone as the others gave in to the wetness, I was glad to spend a few more miles in the saddle with a good riding partner. As soon as we arrived back at the shop...the clouds parted and it was a beautiful day out...what do you know?? Planned a ride with Ari on sunday morning. We started dry and had some good conversation. Ari is one of my favorite people to ride with because we giggle like school girls about random thoughts in our heads and talk about almost anything. Halfway into the ride the waterworks started and it came down hard. We pressed on as the sheets of rain came down and finished with 40 miles, soaked...again. Right on schedule the clouds cleared up and it was beautiful out again. Either way, got to ride with good friends and catch up which was great. Saw some awesome Titanium machines from Joel and Iron....nice work guys, Joels new king wheels will match the bike perfectly! Good times

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  1. Good to hear about all your progress. Your wheels for Joel turned out Pro. Your BMC looks Hott. Riding with you was a breath of fresh air. If you come to Trans Iowa we are going to Party all 320 miles. It is going to be a riot.
    Get your crossbike done and start doing metrics on it.