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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mariachi and Night Rides

Riding on the gravel next to the bike path, commute to work

Awesome new specialized jacket

Robo and the rest of the group

Alley riding

Took the neglected SS29'er out for the first time in 3 or 4 months and forgot how much I enjoy riding it. Did 20 miles before work and 20 miles after work with the night ride groups. The night mountain/cross rides have started at 6 pm tuesdays and thursdays. If you dont know about them and live in springfield the tuesday night ride meets at washington park, thursday rochester park. Usually a turn out of about 15 people. Bring warm clothing, lights, food, and a bike. This tuesday we hit up the Koke mill "church" trails which were really fun and my first time riding them it was a very fun technical little 2-3 mile loop i would guess. We then proceeded to go on the Jeff Williams alley cruise and heard howling dog after howling dog bark at us from their backyards as we bombed the alleys of springfield. Then we rolled onto an 18 hole golf course and did a couple laps on the cart paths and then we rolled home. Good times and good friends.

- JB

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  1. Your "night ride group" is quite a bit larger than ours....