Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maiden Voyage

I love the pink....

Grinding out some miles

New front end

neon green machine

Took the new BMC out for an 85 mile spin the day after I got it built up. I had the cables crossed in the downtube in order to make a better flow of the cables coming off of the bars (normally the campy/sram...and now shimano bend can be somewhat extreme). The first 40 miles were extremely annoying because I could hear the cables vibrating in the downtube and hitting against the metal. So, I stopped at the shop and switched the cables all around and the bike was, I rode 45 more miles and called it a day. The bike is extremely stiff and very responsive. At 19 lbs its not the lightest road machine out there but I would rather have some trusty wheels and components on the bike and save the hassle. Hope your legs are spinning on the cycles somewhere.....Also, going to register for T.I. V7 this november and start training for the race in april, first I have to get in though....

- JB


  1. pretty sure if you keep that stache up - they'll let you race T.I. no prob.

  2. you are too much of a girly man. Nice BMC, nice cross brakes for the whiners that want to come to a dead stop at a cross race. looking foward to doing a long one with you. I think you can do it if you don't poop out like that first time on your casserole. Classic times!!!!

  3. the stache will be in full effect...and the legs have gotten much stronger since the epic bonk on the casseroll haha, classic!