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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food For Thought

So I was thinking the other day... yes, occaisionally that does happen and some normal, non-sexual, most likely bike related thought passes through my head. Talking with a friend about riding, she said "you ride so much, you don't really think of it as exercise anymore do you?". I was thinking about this question yesterday as I was spinning home in the 30 degree cold after a day of work. Many people ride bikes to lose weight and stay in shape. For the serious cyclist there is a point of transition, where no longer is there anything involved with losing weight or staying in shape, more of just enjoying riding and loving it and if you happen to reap the benefits of cycling its an added bonus. Personally, I was thinking if I ever started riding a bike to stay in shape....nope. I have always ridden a bike for the pure joy of being on two wheels and loving every minute of it, as a side product, I've always been in shape. For me there is nothing better than cruising 15 mph laughing your ass off cracking jokes with friends, training for a hard race, going over 40 mph on a bicycle, building a bike from the frame up, building a wheel...the list goes on. I have an addicition. Its a serious problem, but a good problem, and one that I never plan on losing. A lot of my posts end with...GO RIDE YOUR BIKE, so whether you cycle to lose weight, commute to work, race, whatever it may the words of LL Cool J, keep doin it, and doin it, and doin it well...yea I went there. Have a great Thanksgiving!

- JB

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