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Monday, November 8, 2010

Hannibal, MO

Made it half way to Louisiana, MO. Nice shot Ferg!

Collapsed Road

Hill was 1.25 miles at 17% Grade. Ferg grinding with Dale in the background.

Flew 50 mph downhill to see this waiting....f#$k

View from the top....gorgeous

Rapha All-stars

The "autobus", wool jerseys and knickers...all smiles

Legs burning and starting to cramp, happy to see this sign

Decent food, horrible service, good friends

Drove to Hannibal, MO this weekend to ride the hills. Had missed a couple of these rides this year and was very anxious to get out and do one myself. Group of nine strong riders including, The Haltermaniac (aka LS), Andy Lister (aka Robo Jr), Ferg, Dale, Mark Shea, Nick Ramirez, Dave S., Grant, and myself. The hills start immediately when you start riding. By the top of the climb we were already taking vests, gloves, leg warmers off. Temperature grew to be 65 degrees out and we had an awesome day for riding. Cruised up some huge hills and made it to Louisiana where we all refueled. On the way back the pro peleton decided to go race pace and see who had the bigger dick while leaving the rest of us in the dust. This ended up being a blessing because the "autobus" was assembled. Dale, Ferg, and I rode at our own pace enjoying the scenery and taking our time up the hills. Afterall, its November....lets just be on our bikes and have a good time, no need for race day foolery on what was supposed to be a casual "no-drop" ride. Anyhow, the autobus laughed about biking antics and light-saber noises coming from electronic derailleurs and completed the ride with smiles on our faces and wool jerseys on our backs. Great times in Hannibal and I can't wait to go back for more torture. Well over 4,000 feet of climbing accomplished.

- JB

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