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Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Happenings

The "emergency" plan

Racing the sunset on the commute home

50 miles with the racers

Listened to my favorite record....still great nearly 12 years later

Been commuting and riding as the sun has been setting earlier and earlier. Having a fair amount of tension on the lower back and right IT band. Gonna take this week pretty easy and make sure everything gets stretched out. Rode 50 miles with the Mack/Wheel Fast racers, could already start to feel a little bit of racial tension between the two colored kits, blue/red vs. black/white/red as the wheel fast team develops. Ride was windy and chilly, but glad to get out and ride....invested in some blue moon with Mark Shea afterwards. Been pulling out hair wondering if I am into the Trans Iowa race yet. Should be a post later today or tomorrow to comfirm or deny this. Think gravel thoughts for me.

- JB

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  1. the group ride looks fun. been missing those up here in the city. congrats also man on the trans iowa! now you really have to train..