Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Monday, November 22, 2010


A quick update for the week. Feel like I have a pinched nerve or slipped disc or something in my back and been stretching the IT band on the right side. Did some light riding on wednesday with 20 miles, 25 mile commute thursday and friday, Rode to work on Saturday and did 40 miles in the dark with the lights after work for a total of 50, did a fast metric with the racers on Sunday. I vowed that this would be my last "fast" ride of the year in order to start slowing my roll for the trans iowa training. We made it count as we hit top speeds of 41 mph on the flats. Winds on Sunday were 25 mph and made riding miserable. Hope to squeeze a few miles in this week before the holiday festivities begin.

- JB


  1. Lay off the gas now! Body needs to recover from all the hard riding of summer. I hope we can hook up to do some miles on Friday.I will be going to Hinckley for thanksgiving and I also have a dinner to attend on Friday. So Friday morning, sat morning and sunday morning I am available.
    talk to me baby.

  2. It don't mean nothing...clarity through suffering...Bravo Young Jay!!! I look forward to meeting you. Your post on my site was uplifting. I drink to your health!!!

  3. Looking forward to it Charlie! Will be adopting some DBD strategy training this winter. Maybe a combo of the DBD and SFCA. Here's to you Mr. Farrow...