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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trans Iowa

What have I gotten myself into. Read Guitar Ted's post for a little piece of the pie. Trans Iowa is a 300+ mile race on the gravel b-roads of Iowa. This race is very hilly. This race is very long. There are 100 people starting this year and only a handful will finish. Conditions are unpredictable come mid april so you never know if its going to be a mud pit or just wet gravel. I am riding with two veterans who have ridden this race going on 4 times now...Ari (his background is a hill much like T.I. will have) and Dr. Giggles from upstate NYC. Also, a friend of theirs Pizza Dan from Chicago has made the roster, as well as my buddy Russcle (hellmut) who is doing this race for the second time and resides in the old country of DeKalb. My good friend Richard has also signed on for support and driving our sorry asses to the race and back home, and helping with ideas on bike setup, motivation, alcohol, good music, etc. So, 5 of us will spend the winter months training our frozen asses and cocksickles off and talking about bike setup, tires, gear ratios....etc. I will be recieving my Gunnar Crosshairs soon and start training madly on hills and as much gravel as I can find in central Illinois. I plan on doing back to back century rides, riding off hours of the night aka starting my ride at 2 am or 3 am to get a feel for being on the bike in the dark (trans iowa finishers usually spend 30 hours in the saddle), doing a long 200 mile ride from here to DeKalb, and other crazy shit like that. Speaking with Ari last night...this is a goal of his, and a goal of mine. A new challenge to put all of my mind and effort into...this is my new dream, to finish the trans iowa. Also, a side note....I will be turning 26 years old immediately after this ride, it takes place on my birthday weekend. Can anyone else think of a better birthday present?? Many more posts to come on bike setup, the new bike, training rides, random thoughts....yada, yada. Keep reading, and more importantly...KEEP RIDING!

- JB


  1. You will be in a lot of pain.
    DBD ride qualifications

    Must start before 530 am and ride 7-9 hours.
    The DBD usually does a dozen or more of these rides plus other rides before the race.
    Yesterday I did 92 miles on the old Fuji road bike.

  2. I'll be up there for some DBD gravel bender blenders with you and hellmut, let me know some dates. Also, Flandria 100 happening or no?

  3. Hey, where are you in central Illinois?

    For some reason I got stupidly excited about this ride and sent in a post card at the last minute, and now I'm committed. I don't know anyone else doing it, so I'd love to hop on some training rides with you.

    I'm out of champaign-urbana.

  4. I'm in springfield, work full time at Wheel Fast bicycle shop in Chatham, Il. Call me up here 1-217-483-7807

  5. we're all in the same boat.
    we'll be keeping it real here in lincorn..
    stop by:
    for a taste of our training/exploring

  6. would be horrible to die on your 26th birthday, so don't.


  7. I'll be readin about your guys training up in Lincoln, train hard gentlemen! Thanks ryan.

  8. I am signed up as well and am in Princeton, IL just about an hour south of Dekalb. I would love to hit up a few training rides as well. We only moved here his August so I know nobody here.

  9. Mark, hook up with the guys in DeKalb, North Central Cyclery 1-815-758-2403, talk to Ari or Russ. If not lets plan something around here...just thought DeKalb might be closer.

  10. You guys could always road trip up to central upstate NY for some hill intervals and Irish coffee ;-)

    Great post!

    Congratulations on getting into the TI. See you in April!

  11. Sweet. I should ride to Chatham or Princeton one of these weekends. I'll be in touch.

  12. congrats again dude. i see you finishing