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Saturday, November 17, 2012

After Work Cross Saturday

While the Gunnar has been out of commission I put cross tires on my All-City Mr. Pink and have been riding solely in the 39 tooth chainring and experimenting with some gear combinations by leaving my bike in a certain gear and testing it on the terrain. I have been liking the 39-17/18/19 gears for TI. I will have to experiment some more with this. After work my buddy Todd wanted to get out and do a cross ride. My legs were a little fried from the week at work and hitting 25-30 miles on the bike every day this week. We rode through Veterans Acres and Sterns Woods and cruised some of the gravel and trails they have back there very close to where I work. I need to explore and ride more back there because its freaking awesome. We did a lap and then headed out on the road. Todd said that "every road ride should start with something like that" right he is. We then took the cross bikes through Bull Valley in the dark with the headlights on and on Valley Hill road we turned off the lights and just cruised in the dark. It was so peaceful and reminded us why we got into cycling in the first place....simple joys like that. We parted ways and I cruised home with a big grin on my face after that ride. 

Tomorrow 9 am Woodstock Square if you want to ride.

- JB


  1. See you at 9:00!

    Bonk King

  2. Will miss out. Just getting in the car and escaping with wife and offspring.

  3. It was a nice ride today, thanks for sharing the loop.