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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lacking in _________________

I have been struggling to get motivated as the colder weather has arrived. I wake up and hit snooze time after time until finally I drag myself out of bed to look at the clock outside with the temperature displayed on it. Usually its below 40 degrees and I think of how long it takes to put on my cycling clothing and layer up for the chilly commute. Then I usually get on the bike and feel great....warm up quickly....and have a great ride to work. I ride home with the lights on and enjoy my surroundings only to fall asleep and repeat the process. Where is the motivation? Why can I not get the juices flowing lately?? Maybe as soon as the TI registration process commences I will have more of a motivating factor to get up and get out there.....even though I already know I have a solid entry into the race and that I am going to be out there in April no matter what. But...maybe I just need to see it on paper and hopefully will get some motivation for some good rides. 

- Poor excuse for a cyclist

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