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Monday, November 5, 2012

Iowa Training: Round 4


Great advice

 My favorite road ever

Ari going up "El Capitan"

View from half way up "el capitan"

 View looking the rest of "el capitan" from more than half way up

One of my favorite bikes

Ari hit a nut buster

The terrible rollers loom

 Its all natural....

Ari hitting "la hefa"

Got a quick call from Ari with a last minute trip to Iowa and training ride #4. On this trip I lowered my gearing a touch from 34-17 to 34-18 and raised my seat just a touch. Ari and I were on a budget again and thankfully he helped me get out to the mother country for another ball buster of  a ride. Thank you my friend. We talked less....rode more...took fewer breaks, and went farther, harder, and in less time than our previous rides. I was feeling like there was still some gas left in the tank by the end of the ride and need to keep feeling that way as I just registered for Trans Iowa V9 on the single speed. Its going to be an adventure folks....can't wait. We saw some great new roads on the ride and some awesome old stone houses as well that Jamie dreams so much of. We laughed of blue balls and even some some cows trying to bang it out. We were free as birds and had another great ride. God be with you.

- Cookie

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