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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Made It

Classic Slender Fungus photo stolen from the Dork Blog

Well....another year....and another Trans Iowa registration. For two years I got very nervous and very anxious of waiting for the day I would have to send a detailed post card to a small town in Iowa. This year was quite a relief as I finished the bitch last year and if I wanted to race....then I could race. So, I emailed Guitar Ted and told him I wanted to suffer EVEN more and attempt TIV9 on a single speed with  my TIV8 partner and all around great dude Jeremy Kershaw. We were in and then awaited the others. Monday, Ari got in, and today my beloved Giggles got in! We are back in action and the training has already begun and been brutal. I am treating this race even more serious than I have in the past. I will be working my core muscles harder this winter, running more, and trying to push hard single speed miles while balancing two jobs this spring. Its going to be a rough ride and I will not have any free time until May....hopefully it will pay off.

Got in a good 55 miler on Sunday with Bob, TJ, Ari, and Gumby....along with several other people from St. Charles and some giggling women. Will be commuting the rest of the week and riding this weekend. Pushing for 7500-8000 total miles this year. 

- JB


  1. YOu know I will be at your side. Just fuckin' let me know when and where. It is going to be a great winter.