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Monday, November 11, 2013

More Canopy Tours Trail Riding

Went out to Lake Geneva Canopy Tours again to ride with Jared, Ray, the Butcher, Ryan, and some new faces as well. I saw a variety of fat bikes including a brand new Trek Farley frame-up build that weighed 27 lbs for an aluminum fat bike! Wow! Also I saw a borealis carbon, 38 frameworks custom aluminum, and several 9zero7's. We did several laps and rode for 3 hours. Butch and Ray really stuck it to me and kept pushing the pace up and up. I tried to maintain my comfort level on the trails but you have to push yourself to become a faster mountain biker. It is crucial to stay focused, pick the right line, and trust the tires with the correct air pressure in the tires. These guys are such good bike handlers that they can flow the trails very fast. I am not the best bike handler but I have a decent amount of power so I was right behind them all day trying to bridge the constant gap that formed. We headed to BBQ King in Woodstock for beers and food after and I thanked those dudes for beating the shit out of me. Thanks! 

Good times, get off of the road.

- JB

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