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Monday, November 25, 2013

Palos Freezer

Made the venture down to Ari's neighborhood to meet up with the Blue Demon, La Kruz, and El Presidente. We loaded up the cars and parked over by 2Bici bicycle shop. We rode out to Palos and explored some awesome single and double track. We made sure to bundle up and bring plenty of food (or not) due to the freezing temps. We immediately warmed up and were cruising some awesome trails. We rode all over the place hitting wide open double track to the technical and rocky XX trail. This was my first ride down here and it is a great resource in the area, the trails are really fun and you can do some damage to your legs down there. We ended up at the 125 stair set and did 5 reps before riding back to the cars. We ended with about 35 miles in 4 hours and we were all beat! It was a great time and always good to get out and ride with the boys! Hope you had fun watching football. 

- JB

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  1. Thanks for coming out Jay. It really meant a lot to me that you made the Trek (capitalized) out. That area is so rich with trails and things to explore and do. The stairs are addicting and make rocks out of your legs. WE are also planning on Snowshoeing and Cross country skiing there in winter if we get good snow. Otherwise we will go up to wisconsin with you.