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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Storm and Adventure Ride

We had some nasty storms rip through Woodstock and Northern Illinois. There were several tornados in central IL and the weather was not great. It looked like I had a small window after the storms went by (I thought). I ended up cruising over to Bull Valley and hitting some hills as well as assessing the damage from the high winds. I saw lots of power lines down, trees down, and wind damage. The skies were amazing and the wind picked up as I was back there. On the way back it got really windy with 30-40 mph gusts and started to pour rain. I got soaked and headed home with a hard headwind. It was a great ride and I felt like a badass. Only had a couple close calls having to bunny hop downed branches and some fell 2-3 in front of me, thankfully they were small. Anyhow, great fun little ride, enjoy the photos. 

- JB

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