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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Training Ride: Fat Edition

Leaves are popping in Woodstock. Pop your top. 

Ari and Bonkerton

On the way up north, on a mission for cheese

I wish it was 85 degrees and chicks in bikinis were back at the beach....


Great trails created by The Butch

pop pop

pop blur

Ari making the trek up to higher ground 

This place is a sanctuary and we were thankful for a beautiful day

Fat bike and Skinny Fat Bike

This section of trail is beautiful

The smile says it all.... Good Vibrations (beach boys)

Trans Iowa headwind preparation

I was able to ride bicycles with two fine gentleman today. The Bonk King graciously met me in Woodstock this morning as we waited for Ari's limousine to arrive. We decided to ride up to Lake Geneva Canopy Tours to hit the trails and get a few laps in. It's about 26 miles up to the trails and we brought the mountain bikes to torture our legs even more. 

The bonk king was on the casserroll and has mastered the art of the 2flip. Riding for two hours and flipping to head back home. Mike and Ari are fantastic role models and are both excellent parents to their children. Mike had to get back to spend time with the family and wished us a good ride and headed home. Thanks for your company dude!

Ari and I caught up and entered the land of the yoga pants known as lake geneva. We got a pastry from Simple Bakery and then headed to the trails. They were a little bit slick at first and we took the trails slow because our tires were like slicks from the mud. We hit a couple laps and chatted with my buddy Butch as he was cutting in some new trails. Butch donates so much of his time to these trails and makes them perfect, what a great guy! Thanks for your hard work man!

Ari and I got some grease at a local bar and then headed back home with a strong headwind. We could hardly turn the big tires and our legs felt heavy. In a sick way I think we both enjoyed the feeling, knowing that there will be much more of this to prepare for the big adventure on the horizon. We were passed by a motorcyclist blasting some beach boys and we had a good laugh. I love how relaxing and fun our rides good to just get out and chill while logging some miles. We ended the day with a metric century and wished each other a great evening. 

Thank you both very much for this excellent ride. I will look forward to spending time with the Slender Fungus as our training rides will get harder, more intense, and more frequent as we train for V10. Much love. 

- jb


  1. That wind just kicked my ass. I woke up this morning feeling like a train ran over me.
    thanks for the great company. Thanks to the Bonk King, aka 2hrflip.

  2. Looking for check that beard?