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Monday, February 20, 2012

The "Bull Valley Beatdown"

The "Beatdown" Beat. Me. Down....

Mike cruising up Ridge Rd. on his Beltdrive 50x20 gearing

Already on the climb on Valley Hill Rd. This is the steepest climb of them all, pitching at over 20% towards the top.

Beginning Bull Valley Rd. Climb

Cherry Valley Rd.

A great view looking down at the climb on Valley Hill Rd. Easily hit over 40 mph on this downhill.

Met up with Mike Naughton again to ride the legendary "Bull Valley Beatdown" course. This is 5 miles from my house but I have never explored the climbs or riding in this area. Mike was on his single speed again and I can understand staying on top of the gear while riding a single speed or fixed gear bike.....but, this dude is STRONG!!! He beat me up every hill on the ride time after time with a 50x20 gear. I was able to stay in the 46t for a few climbs and had to drop down to the 34t on a few. This is the new Trans Iowa training course for me....just going to keep doing this loop with 4 great hills and plenty of rollers. 3 of the 4 big hills are over 18% grade and really take it out of your legs. Mike's Garmin said that we climbed about 1800 ft in 2 hours. My legs were already tired from the 62 miles on the fixed gear the day before, but doing this loop 3 times and logging another 50 miles today really got the legs feeling like some twizzler pull and peels. I was nothing but smiles while riding with Mike today, he is good company and will certainly push me this season. The riding in Bull Valley is like you suddenly transport into a different world when you get back there....its like being in the north woods of Wisconsin. I had a great time riding the Gunnar for the first time since New Years eve day....I forgot how smooth the Chris King BB and hubs are....I'm spoiled. Anyhow....I think its about time for a Leffe Blonde and some couch time. More miles = more smiles.

- JB

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