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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lake Geneva Fixed

Got on the road with Mike, Molly, and Ray (all fantastic mountain bikers) for a ride up to Lake Geneva, WI. We were all on different bikes...I was on the surly fixed gear (44x14...was too low for some hills in Bull Valley), Mike was on his custom seven belt drive single speed, Molly was riding the 1x10 Salsa Chili, and Ray was on his 19lb rigid Scott 29'er. We had a headwind out of the north on the way up and I got to ride some new roads and with some new friends. The temperature was a nice 42 degrees and the sun kept peeking in and out of some cloud cover. Got in 53 miles and the legs were tired from riding all week on the pugsley and the hills burned me up on the fixie. Was able to log 220 miles this week and will continue to bump up the mileage this month. Looking forward to another long ride tomorrow with temps close to 50 degrees. Also, I found my new commuting route through bull valley with 3 massive hills over 18% grade and a ton of rollers....should be great to train on for trans iowa. Hope you are out riding!

- JB


  1. 45 on sat
    45 on Sun
    Cold both day.
    today is 45degrees
    been riding fix to work. I switched from 42x15 to 42x18. The hills are killers.
    remember to rest.

  2. Good to hear man, you and giggles will be in great shape for the big day!