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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Metric

Been riding the Surlys all winter....Steamroller and Pugsley

Molly's Mariachi....looking forward to building mine up and doing some racing/riding. This is the year of the fat tires!!!

Molly's awesome garage with built in training studio including a climbing wall....its no big deal

My curly mullet is sticking out of my hat

Was able to meet up with the Naughtons (Mike and Molly) for a great metric century on Sunday. The weather was absolutely wonderful, roads were minimally traveled and we enjoyed a great ride on our cross bikes. I was on the beloved steamroller, Mike was on the custom seven SS belt drive, and Molly was on her Chili 1x10. We met up with a lone rider around mile 30 and he was glad to have us as a shield into the wind on the way back to Crystal Lake. We stopped at Molly's secret training garage and then I continued back to the Woody for some more miles. I crossed the 1000 mile mark on this ride and roughly have 600 miles on the pugsley, and 400 on the steamroller. Surlys rule!!! Get off of that pancake and ride your two wheeler

- JB

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