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Saturday, February 13, 2010




This morning I decided to commute to work because the rollers have gotten to my head and I needed to get out on the road. I put the time pedals on the Salsa Mariachi and got rolling. The temperature was about 18 degrees when I left home and I was suprised to find a heavy fog in the air when I left. The freezing fog brought a lot of moisture to my clothes and within the first mile my hands, under two pairs of gloves, were freezing. 5 jerseys and 3 layers of shorts and pants kept the body warm, my hat was pulled down over my hood as far as I could get it, and a fleece neck-liner kept the air warm going to my lungs. The roads were plowed and to my surprise the trail was in good condition as well. Six hours of work flew by with some repairs to do and a visit from the girl friend with some cookies for the shop sweet!...literally, the cookies were awesome. The ride home was excellent with temperatures a little warmer and some daylight still in the sky. I passed some mountain bikers riding the other way on the trail and said whats up to those guys. Cool to see some other people out riding in the cold down here. I absolutely love my single speed 29'er Salsa Mariachi. The steel is so comfortable on the bike, the 2:1 gear ratio is perfect for the terrain around here and for some long gravel rides, and to this day I don't think there is a more comfortable set up than the Titec H-Bar and Ergon grips, you just don't get better than that. Needless to say, I have a smile on my face right now after the beautiful ride home, thought of riding the El Mar again tomorrow with Mateo on the frozen trails with his Singular, and also looking forward to a fire and some delicious food tomorrow evening. Hope all is well. Peace.

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